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About Us

Penarth’s BEST kept SECRET.

Penarth’s name originated from two Welsh words, Pen and Arth, Head and Bear, the town’s coat of arms is the Head of a Bear. The bear is our mascot too and his name is Arthur. 

Who are we ?  We are also @arthwine @ArthLocal and  and  VOYAGE-in-a-GLASS an events company who do organised Tastings with a difference, see more to come…

Completely Independent with no ties to any suppliers or sources, we can source any wine as long as it fits with our Ethics and Beliefs of good wines, in our opinion. What does this mean ?

1st : Wine is a Food.

Wines dont allow for labelling that protects a customer from mass production techniques which include some frightening ways to make wine, in principle, this is definitely NOT for us.

2nd : Organic and Biodynamic wine.

We prefer to offer organic and biodynamic wines simply because as a food, we know that the vineyard and winery have dedicated their work to producing wines as well as possible. Not going into the huge issues relating to this, we will just say here that these wines and the viticulture and wine making methodologies are better than mass produced methods and we urge customers to listen to this message.

3rd : Well made wine.

Like all the controversy in the food industry today, plus the horrendous issues we have witnessed in Rip-Off-Britain scandals, including the horse meat in food where it should not have been, how many more times are we going to be told that something is not what it is sold as, how many times are the public going to given products that benefit the seller more than the buyer.

What we all want now are honest traders, honest and trustworthy Independent merchants who care for their customers and provide great service too. the time has come again for customers to turn back to proper retailing, honest retailing and honest products. We hope that our wines will ALWAYS be exactly that. These are our ethics and beliefs, we act as a filter to make sure only good wine is sold by us, to protect you and ourselves too.

Recently i also discovered that ARTH is a Hindi word that means “Meaning“, so we are a “Meaningful Wine Merchant” by definition.

It is my destiny to do this job, i know that now. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rantings !!!   :)